Generate Market Insights
using Network Analysis

InfraNodus lets you analyze the current discourse for any market niche or product, revealing the customer sentiment and the gap between the demand and supply.

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Text mining and topic modeling using network analysis

InfraNodus Features

Using this tool you can visualize any discourse as a network, revealing the connections within and how it relates to the other discourses.

Use this information to perform sentiment analysis, study your customers, compare products, companies, and refine your product-market fit.

New: import and analyze customer reviews from any Amazon site for any product!

Demand — Supply:
Reveal the Gap

Compare what people are searching for in any market to what they actually find. The gap reveals a potential niche.

Sentiment Analysis
and Product Reviews

Find the patterns in what the customers are saying about the product. Compare positive and negative reviews.

Compare Different
Products & Companies

Import an inventory description or a mission statement for several companies to see how they intersect.

Reveal the Product-
Market Fit

See how a specific product offering fits into the existing market and into the general supply / demand scheme.


Study the markets in multiple countries and languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, and Swedish.

Fully Shareable

You can download hi-res copies of the graphs to add to a presentation. You can also export a URL or an embed code to add it to your website.

Discourse Comparison

You can compare different discourses together to see how they overlap or how they differ. Use the filters to reveal the missing parts.

Advanced Analytics

Our text network analysis algorithms will reveal the main topics, the most influential terms, and latent ideas in any discourse.

Here's How it Works:


Import the customer reviews, product descriptions, corporate mission statements, Google search patterns or your own own data directly or from the spreadsheets and CSV files.

Sentiment analysis text network graph

Reveal the sentiment and the main topical clusters in the discourse you're analyzing. Compare the positive and the negative reviews. Filter the data by ratings or company / market.

Topic modeling and text mining using text network analysis

Study the context where these topics appear to better understand your product and market.
E.g.: what are the customers saying about the "problems" with "call times"?

Get the relevant excerpts using the graph

Compare the demand (what your customers search for) and supply (what they find) using our Market Niche Finder App. Or any other discourses (e.g. corporate mission vs. general market discourse).

Identify the difference between the demand and supply discourse

Sentiment Analysis Workflow

See More Details in Those Demos:

Check out those help articles from our support center below, which explain the workflows in more detail:

Market Niche Finder     Sentiment Analysis


Try it With the Real Graphs:

Here are some examples of the interactive graphs based on the real data.

The first example shows what's missing for the topic of "autonomous driving". Our Market Niche finder compares the most typical requests related to the search query "autonomous driving" to the top search results on that topic and shows the gap between them, indicating what people search for but don't yet find:

"Autonomous Driving" Market Gap


The second graph is a visualization of Tesla customer reviews from 2018, filtered by the low rating, so you can see what the customers who give the car a lower rating don't like about it:

  Tesla Reviews (2018, 1 & 2 stars)

The advantage of InfraNodus is that it doesn't just show you the keywords, but also the interactive relations between them, so you can click on those terms and better understand the context of the customers' sentiment or of a market discourse.

You can also import and analyze customer product reviews from any Amazon site, so you can study your competition or simply use it to make a more informed decision.

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