Creative Thinking and Writing Tool

Our favorite use case of InfraNodus is to stimulate creative thinking, using it as a writing tool to generate new ideas.

All you need to do is to open the "Generate New Ideas" App and to start writing. You can begin with a short 500-character statement, copy and paste your notes, a text that you've written, or a research abstract.

Your text will be visualized as a graph and you will see the main keywords, the topics, and how they are related. You will also be able to get some insights about the structure of your discourse, which may give you a different perspective on your writing.

Finally, you can use the Insights feature to get a recommendation for what to do next to the text: which ideas you can connect, what topics you could explore, etc. The recommendation is updated live as you write and you can also see the "next idea tip" in the editor pane.

Hint 1: Using the Text-to-Graph Input

The basic advantage of InfraNodus is its state-of-the-art text-to-network conversion system. You can use text to quickly build graphs which you can then use to reflect on and analyze the text itself.

Every word is visualized as a node and every co-occurrence is the connection. Gradually the patterns emerge that show the most connected clusters of words together.

Text to network graph visualization

To be more precise you can use #hashtags and @mentions when you enter the information. Each #hashtag is a node and it connects to the other #hashtag, which is next to it. You can also link the #hashtags to a specific node using the "mention" @ prefix. E.g. #apples and #oranges are @fruits.

You can, of course, also import your data from any external text, a PDF file, Evernote, Twitter or Google, Gephi, and many other formats.

Hint 2: Using the Graph as an Heuristic Device

Once you generate a text network graph, you can get insights both qualitatively, just looking at the graph, and quantitatively — using the Analytics panel.

Our system will also provide you a recommendation as to what you can do next to your ideas or text: which topics you could develop, what's lacking, what you could do to the structure of your discourse.


Check out the video below that explains the workflow:

InfraNodus can work both on your desktop or on your phone or tablet. Here is a short tutorial that explains how to use it as the ideation tool using an example of a text in progress.


Try It Yourself

You can try this approach yourself using InfraNodus for any text or graph data:

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Our methodology can be used to generate insight from any data. Please, let us know if you have an interesting proposition, use case, research project, or service request.

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