InfraNodus Consulting

Throughout its time in the market (since 2012), the InfraNodus team obtained unique expertise in a diverse range of fields: AI, NLP, data science, data visualization, digital marketing, full stack software development, personal development, visual and digital arts.

We have also fostered a flourishing international network of data scientists, consultants, and strategists based in the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Philippines, China, Japan. They actively incorporate InfraNodus into their professional practice and you can get direct access to their knowledge and know-how.

Services We Offer

The areas of expertise include artificial intelligence and LLMs, competitive intelligence, market research, SEO, trend forecasting, data science, ML workflows, AI integration, advanced text analysis, network analysis, education curriculum development.

AI Development

Improve productivity of your workflows by implementing AI.

Data Analysis

Advanced qualitative and quantitive data analysis and prediction.


AI and data analysis courses, workshops, and InfraNodus training.


A 1-hour or a regular meeting to accompany your process.

How it Works?

You can choose to hire a member of our team if your project is aligned with our vision and agenda. You can also work directly with an external certified consultant. If we don't have the internal capacity to provide the service you need, we will recommend an individual or an agency from our pool of certified experts.

We also offer workshops, offline, and online training sessions for companies on text analysis, network science, and practical applications of InfraNodus.

Interested? Contact Us!

If you are interested, please, contact us via Nodus Labs Support Portal and specify the scope of your project and its objectives. We will get back to you with an offer and different options that we can propose.

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