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InfraNodus is a text network analysis and visualization tool that democratizes data science to researchers, writers, artists, students, and anyone else who likes to explore ideas and think creatively.

We believe that the moment when you discover a new idea or realize something you haven't thought of before is one of the most pleasurable moments in life. We want our tool to bring those happy moments to those who use it. We also believe that diversity is a crucial part of evolution. That's why our tool is designed to promote ecological thinking and diversity on the cognitive level.

We are not a startup, and we are not here for an exit strategy or explosive growth. We just want to develop a great tool for thinking based on our customers' feedback and our own research. Founded by Nodus Labs research agency in 2012 (as Textexture), InfraNodus is a decentralized organization with bases in Paris (France), Leeds (UK), and Berlin (Germany). That means, you can be flexible and choose your own schedule, work on-site or remotely.

We also run an event lab Special Agency, as well as EightOS Bodymind Operating System where we explore similar principles in relation to the body, and Circadian publishing house.

We are currently looking for:

If you're interested, please, contact us via Nodus Labs contact form.

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InfraNodus Evangelist & Customer Support Person

If you love and know how to use InfraNodus, we would love you to share your skills and ideas with the other users.

Your main task will be to test the new workflows and use cases and publish them online on our website, Nodus Labs blog (annual audience: more than 100000 users), our support portal, and social media. You can choose how much you work, but we estimate that it makes sense to spend at least 8 hours a week on this part of the job.

You will also provide support to our users (about 1 hour a day) and hosting occasional webinars showcasing your original workflows and InfraNodus features (once a month).

You will encounter a lot of interesting people and use cases and probably even help some users realize their super-interesting use cases and research.

This position is remote but you can also work at one of our spaces in Paris or Berlin. We also offer equity options in addition to the payment that we will decide upon based on the hours you can provide (normally from 15 to 40 hours a month).

If you decide to contact us, we would ask you to:

  • tell us how you currently use InfraNodus
  • record your favorite workflow on Loom and share it with us
  • explain why you'd like to work with us
  • tell us about your previous experience

Please, send us the answers to the questions above via the contact form below or via the Nodus Labs contact form.

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UX Designer

We are looking for an UX designer, part-time or full-time, who understands InfraNodus, uses it on the daily basis, and is aware of the UX challenges that it faces.

Your task would be to identify the current weak points that are clogging the user experience and develop a clear plan of action, to be implemented together with our development team, which will help us resolve those issues and help us achieve better retention and engagement rates.

Your responsibilities:

  • conduct user research
  • identify deficient UX flows and propose alternatives
  • drive designs through development to completion together with the development team
  • communicate UX decisions through wireframes and user flows
  • identify user personas / archetypes

What you will bring:

  • you understand the importance of a UX design process and know how to drive UX design from validation to delivery
  • you understand why user research is important and you prove the UX decisions by the data
  • you know how to get fast feedback and work on solutions iteratively
  • you have experience working with data-oriented projects
  • you are familiar with data visualizations
  • you have experience with a redesign of a project

Specifically, one of the main challenges is to keep all the functionalities of the tool without scaring off the new users, making it possible for them to gradually discover all the specific settings as they are progressing along the learning curve.

We would prefer if you are based in Berlin, but we can also arrange remote work. We offer equity options after a certain period of commitment and the payment will be decided upon based on your planned engagement.

If you decide to contact us, we would ask you to:

  • tell us what you find interesting about InfraNodus
  • show us the things you've worked on before
  • explain why you'd like to work with us
  • tell us the 3 worst things about infranodus currently
  • tell us what works really well at the moment

Please, send us the answers to the questions above via the contact form below or via the Nodus Labs contact form.

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