Create text network visualizations to store, develop and connect your ideas.

Text to Network Visualization

Reveal patterns in text, identify main topics, generate ideas.

Associative Memory

Connect new ideas to each other to remember them better.


Visualize RSS feeds, web pages, Google search results and Twitter discourse to understand it better.

Network Prism

Visual search helps you quickly find the needle in a haystack.


Visual feedback on conversations to never lose track of ideas.


Identify the main topics in text and the relations between them.


Find the gaps in your knowledge to know what questions to ask.


Visualize connections between your thoughts to make sense of them.


Organize and store disjointed bits and pieces of information.


Identify gaps in your knowledge to ask the right questions.


Find the right combinations of keywords to boost SEO levels.


Using visual feedback to bring in more choices into a conversation.


Quick visual summary of online discourse.

The News of the Day

RSS feeds from the top world newspapers.

Bible, Genesis 1:1

Sample visualization of the Bible, Genesis text

"I Have a Dream"

Text network visualization of the iconic Martin Luther King speech.


Constellation of relations between philosophers based on how often people search for them.


"If you like Tresor you will also like Berghain" kind of constellation for the best Berlin places.


Your own constellation of knowledge to retain and connect your ideas.

Music Labels

The most interesting techno and leftfield labels, curated by DEM LEEDZ.


A constellation with selected highlights from the Kindle book "Survival".

Tarot Cards

Numerological and logical connections between Tarot cards.

InfraNodus visualizes texts, notes, and ideas as a network, so you can make sense of your knowledge and stimulate your imagination.

Created by Dmitry Paranyushkin / Nodus Labs.
Read the research papers our text-to-network algorithm is based on.

This free open-source tool is developed by Nodus Labs (@noduslabs). Contact us to get an invitation code to use this online version or install it on your computer from GitHub.

InfraNodus runs on Neo4J graph database, Sigma.Js graph visualization library, Node.Js and uses Textexture text network analysis algorithm.

This software is offered "as is" with no warranty or legal liability of any kind, so, please, use it at your own risk.


Save interesting text excerpts into a graph – drag this bookmarklet into your browser's toolbar: